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QinetiQ Space NV

Customer Needs

QinetiQ Space NV was looking for a tool to record all project Non-Conformances, monitoring of status through Non-Conformance review boards and subsequent tracking of related actions allowing them to move away from excel tracking of these objects.

Selected Services

QinetiQ Space NV is using two of the ECLIPSE suite modules:

Benefits of Using ECLIPSE

QinetiQ Space NV is the first industrial company in Belgium to use the ECLIPSE suite. The ECLIPSE software suite enhances efficiency and improves communication and data collaboration between QinetiQ Space NV and its institutional and industrial partners.


When looking for a non-conformance tool we almost instantaneously turned to the ECLIPSE suite as it is fast becoming the de facto standard within the European Space Industry. Upon testing, we quickly learned that this tool is both extremely powerful as well as user-friendly. I’m therefore confident that we have made the right choice and truly believe that this tool will help us in achieving a higher efficiency.

QinetiQ Space NV

QinetiQ Space Belgium has been the country’s leading space systems integrator for more than 40 years. We design, build, launch and operate complex space infrastructure and satellites.

We are also a major contributor to the infrastructure of the International Space Station – developing and building the sophisticated instruments that allow scientists to: work in microgravity conditions; conduct medical, physical and biological research; create new materials, and carryout technological trials.

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