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OHB Sweden AB

Customer Needs

OHB Sweden AB was looking for a tool to support to their project activities for the ESA (European Space Agency) SmallGEO mission as well as for various other internal projects.

Selected Services

OHB Sweden AB has selected and now using the same modules as OHB System AG, which are:

Benefits of ECLIPSE Services

After OHB System AG successfully adopted the ECLIPSE suite, its sister company OHB Sweden AB has decided to take on board the ECLIPSE software suite. OHB Sweden AB is currently also involved in the ESA Solar Orbiter project, with delivery of AOCS subsystem and Chemical Propulsion subsystem, where the ECLIPSE suite plays an important role. The ECLIPSE suite further empowers OHB Sweden AB project teams with the same tools that OHB System AG, OHB System Munich and the European Space Agency (ESA) already use.

About OHB Sweden AB

OHB Sweden is a provider of complete space missions, satellites as well as spacecraft subsystems. With more than 30 years of proven success from a wide range of space missions in low and geostationary orbit as well as spacecraft for interplanetary missions, OHB Sweden has acquired a first class reputation offering reliable and innovative solutions to its customers.

Building its success on the passion and exceptional talent of its employees, its extensive knowledge base, and with a vision to contribute to all European space projects, OHB Sweden stands stronger than ever to take on new innovative space missions together with its ever growing network of partners and customers.

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