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Customer Needs

CGS SpA was looking for tools to manage space project Non-Conformances, create and configure project documentation, perform formal project reviews at key project milestones and track all related project actions. Historically CGS managed their project NCRs and Actions with excel but saw a great deal of benefit in the increased security, collaboration capabilities and configuration control that the ECLIPSE suite offers. This was a key driving factor in their search for a software based solution.

Selected Services

CGS SpA has adopted two of the ECLIPSE suite modules, and is exploring several others:

  • Non-Conformance Tracking System (eNCTS) – Adopted
  • Action Items Manager (AIM) – Adopted
  • Review Items of Discrepancy (eRID) – Pilot Evaluation
  • Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) – Pilot Evaluation
  • Risk Management (eRISK) – Pilot Evaluation

Benefits of Using ECLIPSE

CGS SpA is the first Italian company to take advantage of the ECLIPSE suite. CGS joins the rest of the OHB group companies in the use of the ECLIPSE software suite to enhance their internal efficiency and improve collaboration between their space projects team members and stakeholders.


“When researching for tools to manage our Non-Conformances, we approached Sapienza to assess their ECLIPSE software suite. From the initial demonstration, and after further testing, we quickly realised that obtaining this toolset designed by Sapienza would be a wise choice. Sapienza’s heritage and experience in working with ESA and the wider European space industry over the last 20 years shone through and gave us confidence in our selection choice.”

About CGS SpA

CGS is a reliable supplier of turn-key systems, products and technologies for space programs. CGS SpA provides the user community with solutions to lower the cost of first class science and application missions by:

  • Exploiting the full potential of small and medium size satellites.
  • Exploiting new orbital and transportation systems.
  • Exploiting advanced technologies that are turned into high performance products for space applications.

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