Sapienza Consulting is a privately owned company founded in 1994. We have been a business partner and supplier to the European Space Agency (ESA) since the first day when the initial company vision was to provide manpower and consultancy support to project planning as well as software development and integration of innovative web-based space project collaborative solutions for the ESA ESTEC establishment in Noordwijk (Netherlands).

Consultancy and manpower activities remain today at the heart of company, but we are also very much involved in a broad range of technical IT and space engineering projects, supporting the space and defence sector in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy.

  • Successful transition to ISO 9001:2015

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Sapienza’s mission is to be the leading European supplier and worldwide player in the provision of project and mission support through people, products and services to both Institutional and Commercial clients in the space and defence sector:

  • Our products and services shall be regarded as delivering greater-value than our competitors’ and shall realise demonstrable advantages for our clients
  • We will offer standard and tailored solutions that contribute to the integration, collaboration and management of information and data, so that the administrative, financial, engineering and quality goals of our clients can be achieved faster and in a more controllable and predictable way. Whenever possible we will augment our offering by deploying our own staff in these client business functions to further support their organisational needs and contribute to their success.
  • Our staff shall be regarded as highly competent and motivated, as they are the key to the delivery of this vision. To this extent we recruit amongst the best skilled those who share our vision and will reinforce it day after day, and we train them so that they can be the future leaders of our and our clients organisation

Quality & Certifications


 Certified ISO 9001:2015 company

Sapienza is ISO Certified for the development & provision of information management systems as well as for the provision of manpower services

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AÜG Certificate

Sapienza is AÜG Certified and authorised to provide Manpower Services in Germany.

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ESA Preferred Supplier Certificate

Sapienza is the ESA/ESTEC “Preferred Supplier” for the ECO, NIT and SWS Domains under the Competitive ESA Frame Agreement

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NATO SECRET Security Clearance

Sapienza is in possess of a NATO FSSC (Facility Security Clearance Certificate)

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EU SECRET Security Clearance

Sapienza is in possess of an EU FSSC (Facility Security Clearance Certificate)

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Sectie - Quality & Certifications - ICO Certified

ICO Certified

Sapienza is ICO Certified to meet our data protection obligations

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